SunB Nutrients Paste


SunB Nutrients Paste

120 g



SunB Nutrients – Fermented Food

Sun-ripened fruits and vegetables fermented for 3.5 years.


The dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy, varied, and balanced diet normally covers the need for vitamins and minerals

Recommended dosage, capsules: 3 capsules a day, 1 at each meal, or take all three at bedtime.

Pasta: 2 grams a day, distributed at each meal or at bedtime.


It gives you vital nutrients from whole, sun-ripened, naturally living food to nourish the body’s cells on a daily basis

It gives you a potent blend of nutrients from over 70 different plant-based ingredients in one product

SunB Nutrients uses a fermentation method based on ancient Japanese traditions combined with modern technology. In addition to preserving the original nutrients, a number of new nutrients are made during the fermentation.

The nutrients are broken down by fermentation and are better absorbed by the body


We were required to change the previous name of this product. It was considered that it was a health claim, ie that the name indicated that it had an effect on the flora. We have changed the name to SunB Nutrients, since this is a product made from sun-ripened ingredients.

We recognize that words such as pre and pro biotics cannot be used to explain a product, as this is considered a health claim. These words have been removed from the new packaging.

SunB Nutrients is exactly the same product as before, only the name has changed.