Humic Acid


Humic Acid
0,95 l



30 ml daily, in a glass of chlorine-free water.


Water, purified by reverse osmosis: 99%

Humic acid: 1%


Antimony, Sb
Barium, Ba
Beryllium, Be
Fishmut, Bi
Bor, B
Brom, Br
Calcium, Ca
Carbon, C
Cerium, Ce
Cesium, Cs
Chlorine, Cl
Chromium, Cr
Cobalt co
Copper, Cu
Dysprosium, Dy
Erbium, Er
Europium, Eu
Fluor, F
Gadolinium, Gd
Gallium, Ga
Germanium, Ge
Gold, Au
Hafnium, Hf
Holmium, Ho
Indium, In
Iodine, I
Iridium, Ir
Iron, Fe
Lantan, La
Lithium, Li
Lutetium, Lu
Magnesium, Mg
Manganese, Mn
Molybdenum, Mo
Neodym, Nd
Nickel, Ni
Niob, Nb
Osmium, Os
Palladium, Pd
Phosphorus, P
Platinum, Pt
Potassium, K
Praseodym, Pr
Rhenium, Re
Rhodium, Rh
Rubidium, Rb
Ruthenium, Ru
Samarium, Sm
Scandium, Sc
Selen, Se
Silicon, Si
Silver, Ag
Sodium, Na
Strontium, Sr
Svovel, S
Tantalum, Ta
Thallium, Tl
Thorium, Th
Tellurium, Tea
Terbium, Tb
Thulium, Tm
Tin, Sn
Titan, Ti
Wolfram, W
Vanadium, V
Ytterbium, Yb
Zinc, Zn
Zirconium, Zr

Which amino acids can you find in human acids

Glutamic acid,

The dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. A healthy, varied, and balanced diet usually covers the need for vitamins and minerals. It should not be taken more than the recommended dose.

1. What is Humic Acid

Humic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is ubiquitous in nature. Humic and Fulvic Acids are derived from Humates, which are ancient fossilized deposits of decomposed plant matter, and are the earth’s riches source of bioavailable minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals, transfer factors and the amino acids needed for repair and synthesis of RNA and DNA.
Humic acid and its components are extremely complex compounds and despite great efforts to elucidate, their structure is still not fully known to science. What is known is that their major functional groups include carboxylic, phenolic, carbonyl, hydroxyl, amine, amide and aliphatic moieties, among others.

2. Is Humic Acid Safe?

Humic Acid has been proven to be extremely safe. It has been used in numerous cultures throughout the world for centuries. Modern Sciences has been doing in-vitro and in-vivo clinical testing for over half a century affirming it as non-toxic even at levels 50 to 100 times therapeutic dosage.

3. What are the Human Health Benefits of Humic Acid?

Among other things, Humic acid is Nature’s most complete immune boosting complex. It is a super anti-oxidant that is capable of accepting and donoring electrons. It is an anti- inflammatory, bio-available source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and a cellular detoxifier.

5. How Does Humic Acid Work to Detox the Body?

Humic acid is a master chelator through its ability to attract and attach to inner cellular toxins and then efficiently exit the cell membrane and body. This chelating and detoxifying process is also being used in the livestock and agricultural industries.

6. How Does Humic Acid Work as an Effective Mineral Supplement?

Humic Acid can consist of over 70 minerals that have been processed for hundreds of thousands of years by microbial humification. This process creates the perfect mineral form for cell uptake. Science has determined that these minerals are only needed in trace amounts and are a key factor in a wide variety of cellular processes.

7. Are All Humic Acids the Same?

No. Humic Acid is extremely complex and varies greatly from deposit to deposit. Each deposit is a composite of the original material, the spectrum of microbes that were involved in the humification process, the minerals contained within or missing from the deposit and the presence of heavy metals or industrial toxins. These are some of the variables that dictate the final composition of the Humic Acid complex.

The manufacturing process used with Humic deposits also vary and impact product quality, purity and efficacy.

While Humic Acid have been made synthetically and patented, the synthetic Humic Acids have thus far proven too expensive for commercial use of any kind. Due to the complexity of Humic acid and its components we do not believe that a synthetic product is optimal for human consumption.

8. Is Humic Acid Safe to take with Prescriptions?

In the several decades of modern use there seem to be no reported cases of Humic Acid interacting with medications. The most common response is that it seems to make the medications a bit more effective actually allowing some people to lower their prescription dosage.

9. How Does Humic Acid Boost the Immune System?

Humic Acid lessens the immune systems burden by delivering cellular nutrients and eliminating toxins and certain pathogenic bacteria.